Completion of the Repair and Relining of the Sanitary Sewer Collection System

The Kent Sewer Commission announces the completion of the repair and relining of the sanitary sewer collection system in the village.  In September 2012, the Commission accepted delivery of the new pump station at Judd Avenue, marking the completion of a million dollar system renovation.  The successful project is the result of team work between the public and private sectors.

The original sanitary sewer system was built in 1886 and served the town faithfully for 125 years, however certain sections of the original clay tiles were in need of repair and the pump station equipment was in need of upgrading.  The pump station, near the Kent Center School, is where wastewater from the village is collected and pumped under the Housatonic for treatment at the wastewater treatment plant on the west side of the river.  Over the years the pumps and other mechanical components aged and operated at less than original design specifications.

Loureiro Engineering Associates ("LEA") of Plainville, CT, was retained by the Commission in 2009 to design and oversee the renovation.  Under the expert direction of senior engineer, Sal Palaia, LEA employed innovative technology which allowed the existing piping to be re-lined with a resin in situ without having to remove and replace the existing components.  This technique saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and spared the town the disruption associated with village-wide excavation.  LEA was assisted by Bart Clark, principal of the local firm of Oakwood Environmental Associates, whose insights brought great value to the project.

The newly renovated pump station employs many advances in safety and efficiency that were not present in the original installation in 1970, eliminating dangerous working conditions for our valued employees while creating greater processing efficiency.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) made this project possible by a 45% grant and 55% low interest loan funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  Additional funding was also provided by USDA, which allowed the Commission to address safety and operational issues not in the original project scope.  USDA's team members Mary Grasso, Susan Gregware and Frank Petruli provided valuable guidance, oversight and cost control procedures that otherwise would not have been available to a small town.  Their contributions greatly facilitated the project and allowed the town of Kent to achieve significant cost savings and an excellent overall result.  Without USDA's assistance, this vital project would not have been possible.

The Selectmen and Town Treasurer assisted the Sewer Commission with bridge loans during the construction period, eliminating the cost of obtaining commercial loans to cover cash flow requirements.  They also provided other valuable assistance working with the USDA to administer the grant and loan.

The links here will provide more information on the history, personnel and administration, forms and fees, and current upgrades of the Kent Sewer and Septage systems.

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