Description of Services (cont'd)

Kent Sewer Commission

Treatment Plant signThe Kent Sewer Commission (KSC)  acts as the Water Pollution Control Authority for the Town of Kent, and oversees the operation of the Town-owned sewer plant and sanitary collection facilities, the receipt and treatment of Septage, and the operations of Community Septic Systems. 

Virtually all the people in Kent depend on the Sewer System.  Most patronize village center businesses and organizations that are directly linked to the sewer system. Private septic systems require periodic pumping and septic system effluent is deposited in the septage lagoons for processing and disposal.  Fees for this, as well as those for direct connections, pay for the maintenance of the plant and associated costs.

Kent’s sewer system services approximately 270 users connected directly to the sewer lines in the town center, and maintains a septage disposal facility.  Because ’s sewer system serves a relatively small number of paying customers, but has nearly all of the fixed costs associated with systems with a larger customer base, Kent has a slightly higher rate structure than other parts of the state.