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Assessor's Office

41 Kent Green Boulevard
PO Box 678
Kent, CT 06757

Assessor - Patricia S. Braislin, CCMA
Assistant Assessor - James A. Hurlbut
Assessor Assistant - Jennifer Dubray

Hours: Monday & Wednesday, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM & 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Public Access Computer with Vision Field Cards Available
Phone Number: (860) 927-3160
Fax Number: (860) 927-4541

Current Mill Rate: 18.33
Date of Last Revaluation: October 1, 2013
Date of Next Revaluation: October 1, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Assessment Information
Online Assessment Information with Vision Government Solutions

Online Mapping Information with qPublic 

Tax Maps
2016GL Tax Maps Full Set

Personal Property 
2016 Personal Property Declaration

Information on Elderly, Totally Disabled Homeowners and Additional Veterans

 Motor Vehicles

How are motor vehicle assessments determined?
Each year the CT DMV sends each town a list of registered motor vehicles. These vehicles are assessed at 70% of the estimated retail value, as published, in the October issue, of a nationally recognized appraisal guide. The appraisal guide is used statewide and is recommended by the State Office of Policy and Management. All vehicles are assumed to have average condition, based on its year, make and model.
If you feel a vehicle does not reflect average condition, you may appeal the assessment to the Board of Assessment Appeals, which meets in September of each year.  Please call the Assessor’s Office for the date(s) of their hearings.
Motor Vehicle Changes
The Department of Motor Vehicles does not notify the Assessor's Office of any cancellation or change of status on the subject registration(s). If the registration (PLATE) on this vehicle was transferred to another vehicle the current bill is not adjustable, and the payment is due in full. Receipt in January of a "Supplemental Bill" will apply all credits and adjustments due between the "old" vehicle and the "new" vehicle. If the subject registration (PLATE) was not transferred, but was either: sold, totaled, repossessed, or registered in another state, then our auditors shall require sufficient proof.
What do I do when I dispose of a vehicle or move out-of-state?
The most important thing to do is cancel your registration so that the vehicle will not appear on upcoming tax rolls. For vehicles that are sold, destroyed, stolen, or registered out of state please submit documentation to our office.
Required Documentation for Motor Vehicle Assessment Changes must be submitted to the Assessor’s Office. The documentation must be official and specific. Only these forms of proof are acceptable. NOTE: all forms of proof must be dated and specifically identify the vehicle in question by make, year and identification number (VIN).
1.       A plate receipt from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) indicating that the vehicle’s registration has been cancelled, or the vehicle’s registration plate has been lost or stolen.
2.       Any of the following in addition to the plate receipt from the DMV:
a.        A copy of the vehicle’s bill of sale: A bill of sale section is now included on the bottom of the vehicle owner’s registration form and transfer information must be recorded on the back of said form before it is submitted to the DMV. It is, therefore, the seller’s obligation to provide a copy of the signed registration form along with the plate receipt to the assessor.
b.       A copy of the vehicle’s Transfer of Title: The seller must provide the assessor with a copy of the signed Transfer of Title and the plate receipt.
c.        Out of State Registration: Proof of residency in another state and a copy of the vehicle’s registration showing the date the vehicle was registered in that state, must be provided to the assessor along with the plate receipt.
d.       Stolen Vehicle: A statement from the vehicle owner’s insurance company indicating that the vehicle was stolen and not recovered. The vehicle’s owner must file a lost or stolen plate form with the DMV, a copy of which must be provided to the assessor.
e.       Totaled Vehicle: A statement from the vehicle owner’s insurance company indicating that the vehicle was totaled. If the vehicle’s owner did not return the plate to the DMV, he or she must file a lost or stolen plate form with the DMV, a copy of which must be provided to the assessor.
f.         Junked Vehicle: A statement from the junkyard must be provided in addition to the plate receipt.


g.        Trade-in Vehicle: A copy of the purchase agreement identifying the trade-in vehicle and its plate receipt must be provided to the assessor

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