About Kent

Welcome to the Town of Kent, Connecticut, located in the scenic northwest corner of Litchfield County.   Incorporated in 1739, Kent has had a history as a farming community and thriving iron ore producer.  It is now a rural community of about 3,000 residents with many small hamlets, such as Bulls Bridge, Kent Hollow, South Kent and The Cobble.

While Kent is primarily residential with some small industry and farms, the downtown area has become a day trip destination for many.  The obelisk Civil War Soldiers Monument at the intersection of State Route 7, a major north-south road and Route 341, an east-west road is a dramatic assurance that you have arrived in downtown Kent.

The downtown area is a mix of residential homes, shops, art galleries, and restaurants.  Most of the businesses are owner operated, so take the time to stop and talk to the owners about town.  Visitor information is available on the Chamber of Commerce's website.

Education is important to Kent.  In addition to Kent Center School, the public elementary/middle school (K-8), which was recently renovated, it is home to three private preparatory schools, Kent School, Marvelwood School and South Kent School.  Kent is part of the six-town Region One school district with Housatonic Valley Regional High School in Falls Village serving as the public high school (9-12).

The town also offers old-fashioned ways to enjoy life such as hiking, biking, camping and fishing at State and local parks.  Kent is also the perfect destination for those inclined to take a scenic drive, especially in the fall!  Those of us who live in Kent often comment how lucky we are to have such a great place to call home.