Sewer Hookups

Sewer Hook Up Application

Discharges into the Sewage Collection System are governed by Town Ordinance, Chapter 15.  The full chapter can be reviewed here. The Commission is in the process of updating the Sewer Use Ordinance to reflect current conditions.

Rates for Sewer Users
User Fees are calculated on the basis of a fixed basic charge and a variable use charge.  The fixed basic charge varies for different classes of users.  The classes of users are Residential, Commercial, Restaurant and Special users.  The classes of users were created to group together customers with similar use patterns.  The definitions are more clearly described in the Sewer Use Ordinance.  The variable use charge is the same for all customers.  These rates are provided as follows:

Basic User Charges

  •  Residential $166.00 per year
  •  Commercial $240.00 per year
  •  Restaurants $350.00 per year

Special Users

  •  Kent School $33,654.00 per year
  •  The Kent $5,408.00 per year

Variable User Charge: $39.00 per 1000 cubic feet

The Variable user charge is based on water meter readings provided by Aquarion Water.  These rates are based on all water used in each unit.   The Basic Use Charge is billed to the customer in quarterly installments.  The Variable Use charge is based on the water use of the previous quarter as provided by Aquarion Water Company.  Questions concerning water bills should be made directly to Aquarion Water Company:  800-732-9678

Grease removed from a trap may not be disposed of at the Treatment Plant or Septage Lagoons but must be collected by licensed waste contractors. Procedure to Establish a New Connection to the Collection System Every new connection to the collection system must have the following minimum characteristics: 1. A water meter must be provided for each unit by the owner at the point the water supply enters the unit; 2. Each unit must have a separate sewer leaving the building; 3. Each lateral shall be a minimum of 6” diameter.

Residential (including multifamily) Unit

  •  1 bedroom $2,865.00 
  •  2 bedroom: $4,355.00 
  •  3 bedroom $5,627.00
  •  Each additional bedroom $  733.00

Commercial/Industrial Units $20.00 per gallon per day of estimated water use not to exceed $2,865.00 per unit

Generator being placed by piece of heavy equipment

Installing new generator

Procedure to Deposit Sewage at the Septage Lagoon Septage may only be deposited at the Plant by licensed Septage Haulers.  Homeowners or business owners must hire a contractor to have the waste transported to the plant. The Contractor must drop off the septage at the plant during normal business hours. Payments must be made to the Commission at the time the Septage is discharged at the Plant.  In emergency situations, the contractor should contact the plant to see if other arrangements can be made for times and payments.

Rates for Septage Disposal

  •  Septage originating within the Town of Kent:$75 per tank up to 1000 gallons
  •  Septage originating outside of the Town of Kent: $115 per tank up to 1000 gallons
  •  Septage in excess of 1000 gallons:$25 per 250 gallons