Zoning Board of Appeals Process for Variance

  1. The variance application, completed in its entirety, must be submitted with all supporting documentation as outlined in the application packet.
  2. The deadline for submission of a complete application is 12:00 noon THREE WEEKS prior to the next regular meeting. Applications will be scheduled for a hearing in the order that they are received.  INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE SCHEDULED FOR HEARING.  Applicant will be notified by mail of hearing date and procedures to be followed.
  3. The applicant must notify abutting property owners as outlined in the application packet.
  4. The applicant or a representative of the applicant must appear at the public hearing to present the application to the Board and answer any questions.
  5. If a variance is granted, the Town publishes a legal notice and notifies the applicant by certified mail.  The Town files the variance on the Land Records not less than 15 days after publication if no appeal has been taken.  No zoning approval for a building permit can be issued until the variance is filed on the Land Records.