Plan of Conservation and Development

Proposed Draft 2022-32 Plan is available by clicking here.

Starting in 2009, the Planning and Zoning Commission began the process of updating the Town of Kent Plan of Conservation and Development.  During the process, residents attended public workshops, focus groups and responded to a survey while the Commission worked in conjunction with other commissions and organizations both in Town and in the northwest corner of the State.  The result is a new Plan of Conservation and Development which will ensure that the Town continues to accommodate growth and still retain the qualities of a rural New England Town.

Please use the links below to view the Plan's appendices.  Black and white copies are available in the Land Use, First Selectmen's and Town Clerk offices in the Town Hall. Color copies can be purchased in the Land Use Office.

A - Objective Criteria Determining the Elements of New England "Rural Character"
B - Kent Village Center Physical Layout
C - Town of Kent 2011 Build Out Analysis
D - Town of Kent Litchfield Hills Greenprint Map
E - Town of Kent Zoning Maps
F - Town of Kent Social Services Available in Kent
G - State of our Town Conditions and Trends
H - Village Revitalization Strategies
I - Open Space Map
J - Agricultural Resources Map
K - Scenic and Cultural Resources Map
L - Town Character Study 2013
Town Character Area Map