Town Seal

The Kent Town Seal (top left) has been around for many years, so long in fact that the name of its designer is lost to history.  The seal is crest shaped with a bold banner across the top saying: “KENT”.  The body of the crest is divided into thirds, each section showing the development of the town.  Across the entire midsection is an open book with the words “Settled 1720, Incorp. 1739”. To the left of the book is a church, to the right, a school. The upper third is divided into two sections by a large diamond shaped arrowhead. The left corner contains a crown, a reminder of early sovereign rule; the right corner contains a cow and stone furnace, evoking important industries in Kent’s early days. The bottom third of the crest contains a large gear, a symbol of local industry.  In 2001, the Kent Garden Club using brightly painted town seals constructed a large welcome sign at each of the four entrances to downtown Kent.