Town Sewer Collection System

Kent’s sewer system was initially installed in 1886 and extends for the most part over the area zoned as Village Center.  The system originally discharged sewer directly into the Housatonic River.  However, in 1967, the Town was mandated to design and construct a sewage treatment system to address the pollution of the River.  At the same time, Kent School was required to update their sewage treatment system.

The existing collection system was expanded to include new pipes to allow sewage to flow from Bridge St to a Pump Station on Kent School property behind the current Kent Center School.  The sewage was pumped into this main from a new pump station on Judd Avenue on the East side of the river and from a new pump station at Kent School to a new treatment plant on Schaghticoke Road on land owned by Kent School and leased to the Town of Kent.

In the early 1980’s, the capacity of the sewage collection system and treatment plant were upgraded to allow the consolidation of Kent Girls School with the Kent Boys School at the Campus on Macedonia Road and to allow the connection of The Kent Specialty Care Center.  This expansion increased the size of the aeration tank and added two settling tanks among other improvements. A map showing the current area being serviced by the Town Sewer Collection System can be seen here