Motor Vehicle Registration Requirements

You must renew your vehicle's registration every 2 years, as required by the CT Department.
The DMV sends registration renewal notices approximately 45 days before the expiration date. On it you'll find:

  • Registration deadline.
  • Renewal fee.
  • Emissions test requirements.
  • Delinquency issues (unpaid taxes, parking tickets, insurance lapse etc.) that must be taken care of before you can renew your registration.
  • Your new registration certificate, which is the middle portion of the notice (don't throw it away!).

Didn't Receive a Renewal Notice?

If you did not receive a renewal notice, contact the DMV via on online form. Keep in mind that even though you did not receive a notice, you are still required to renew by your registration certificate's expiration date.

If you moved or changed your mailing address and did not update your new address with the DMV, or local Post Office you may not receive a renewal notice. For more information, visit online CT DMV site Changing your Address page.

Current vehicle registration can be verified online by visiting online CT DMV Verify Registration page.