Community Systems

State Law allows the CTDEEP to order Towns to abate pollution (Sec. 22a-428). This is usually sanitary wastewater from residential and commercial properties served by septic systems. Septic Systems that serve more than one building are considered Community Sewage Systems. These systems are typically built for condominiums or other densely developed properties. Community Sewage systems have been a source of pollution due to poor management of the septic systems.

State Law (7-246f) allows Towns to regulate community systems outside of the area serviced by the Municipal Sewage Service Area. Town regulation is generally done to avoid or prevent a Town from getting into a situation where the CTDEEP issues an order to abate pollution caused by these systems. Compliance with these abatement orders can be expensive for Towns.

The Town of Kent has several systems that are classified as Community Systems. These systems are shown on a map that can be found here.

Photo of man's head as he goes down sewer- manhole cover removedThe Kent Sewer Commission currently ensures the management of two community systems: Brookwoods Condominiums and Saddle Ridge Farms. The Commission entered into a Maintenance Agreement with these Communities and holds Bonds posted by the developers of these systems. The bonds can be used if the systems are found to be poorly managed.  The Commission has no obligation to perform any maintenance or daily operations on these systems.